Admission and discharge at Lyell McEwin Hospital


A bracelet identification band will be issued to all patients for their admission, and needs to be worn throughout their stay. Patients should tell their doctor or a nurse of any allergies they have to antibiotics, medication or food, and mention any medication they take at home.

You or your family will be asked to complete admission forms, including a patient election form when you arrive at the hospital, or as soon as possible after an emergency admission.

This election form enables you to choose whether to be treated by a doctor allocated to you by the hospital, or by a doctor of your choice who works at, or has visiting rights to the hospital, making you a private patient.

Personal effects and valuables

Patients should not bring any valuables or money with them to hospital, other than a small amount for newspapers or magazines. If they must bring valuables, the patient can ask a member of the nursing staff to deposit the items with the cashier for safekeeping. Although all care is taken, the hospital is unable to accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any property at patients’ bedsides.

Patients will be asked to sign a Property List Form when they hand over items to the cashier. Do not forget to collect your belongings before you leave hospital. Valuables can only be retrieved during office hours and you will need to arrange with our staff for the collection of your belongings as soon as you know your discharge time. For your protection, property will only be released to another person if they have a signed and witnessed letter of authority from you, in a form acceptable to the hospital.

Any electrical equipment you bring into the hospital needs to be tested for electrical safety prior to use, by the hospital engineering staff. Please see the clerk within your ward to arrange testing of any electrical equipment.


Discharges are usually made in the morning by 11.00 am. Patients should arrange their own transport from hospital, regardless of how they arrived.

When it is time for you to be discharged from the hospital, the hospital has a number of options available to support you when you leave, particularly if you require ongoing care. Services include:

  • hospital at home
  • metro home link
  • Royal District Nursing Service.

There may also be specific rehabilitation and other packages available. All options will be discussed with you prior to your discharge and we encourage you to speak to your nurse/midwife, doctor and/or allied health staff about the best option for you.

Prior to discharge, ensure you have received prescriptions for medications and information for follow up appointments.

Patients and/or carers need to make sure they clearly understand all discharge instructions.

Private Patients

At the Lyell McEwin Hospital you can choose to be admitted as a private patient. Admission as a private patient has benefits for both you and the hospital. For more information, visit the Lyell McEwin Hospital accounts and charges page.

Patient entertainment

Digital TV screens are available in wards and rooms offering patients and their families/carers with access to over 34 free to air TV channels at no charge.

Public Wi-Fi

People who visit a number of SA Health sites will now have access to free Wi-Fi. For more information, go to the Public Wi-Fi page.