Clinicians at the frontline

18 January 2022

(Southern Health News, December 2021)

Clinicians are at the frontline of health service delivery at SALHN. They are the nurses and doctors in our wards and Emergency Departments; the surgeons in theatre; the midwives in the birthing suite and the Aboriginal Health workers in our Aboriginal Family Clinics.

They are agile and responsive, hardworking and professional. In recent times, our SALHN clinicians have risen to many challenges and changes, and we appreciate and acknowledge their work and dedication.

SALHN prides itself on building and developing an inclusive and collaborative culture where clinicians know they are valued and understand that they are essential to our commitment to deliver reliable and respectful health care.

SALHN’s new Clinician Engagement Strategy 2021-2024, launched last month, paves a way forward for our SALHN community and clinicians to work together to build and enhance trusting, respectful and empowering relationships at SALHN.

Developed through consultation with a wide range of clinicians, the Clinician Engagement Strategy links and values active participation and contribution from all clinicians, across specialties and disciplines, working part time or full time, across sites and at all levels of the organisation.

It also shows the impact effective engagement can have on the quality of care and safety of our consumers, and incorporates our operating principle to listen, act, make better, together.

The key objectives of the Clinician Engagement Strategy 2021-24 are to:

  • Connect clinicians
  • Collaborate and drive enquiry in improvement, innovation and research
  • Provide opportunities for clinicians to feel valued and heard
  • Offer clear and transparent communication and provide feedback
  • Support high functioning multi-disciplinary teams for the best patient care, experience and outcomes.

“This is a continuously evolving approach and we look forward to working with our clinicians to design, plan and make clinical decisions that will enable SALHN to be a leader in health service delivery,” said Dr Diana Lawrence, Executive Director of Medical Services.

“Our strategy as we work together is to build and enhance trusting, respectful and empowering relationships at SALHN.”