Country community health services for older people

Country Health SA is a major provider for a number of different community based services. 

For more information about these types of services available in your area, contact your nearest community health service

Some of the services listed below may be provided in your area - please check your location for more information.  

Services available:

  • Aboriginal health
  • allied health (e.g. dietitians, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, speech pathologists)
  • chronic disease community programs
  • community health promotion
  • community nursing
  • community support (shopping, transport, meals)
  • continence advice
  • day activity programs
  • equipment and home modifications
  • falls prevention advice
  • health advice
  • health information sessions
  • men’s health
  • personal care support (showering, dressing)
  • social connection supporting wellness
  • supports to help you avoid going to hospital or to come home early from hospital
  • transport support options
  • women’s health.