Paediatric imaging services

How are paediatric services different from adult medical imaging services?

Paediatric radiology focuses on children, from babies through to adolescents and young adults. Paediatric radiologists have specialised knowledge of the illnesses and medical conditions of infants, children and young people.

They can quickly and accurately diagnose conditions such as appendicitis and pneumonia, the effects of trauma, or if a child may have a form of cancer.

Paediatric radiology uses a range of techniques such as:

Paediatric radiologists are highly trained and understand which tests are best for the child, and to make sure the testing is safe and carried out properly.

If your child needs a medical imaging test or procedure, we have advice and ideas on how to make the experience less stressful for your child and the whole family.

Paediatric patients may need different preparation before an examination or test, and in some cases may require sedation.