SA Pharmacy Residency Program

The SA Pharmacy Residency Program supports the development of individual practitioners (residents) from their registration to an Advancing Allied Health Practitioner (AHP) Grade 2 level of practice.

The Residency Program is accredited by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA), and is a structured two year program consisting of four generalised rotations relevant to hospital pharmacy. Further information about SHPA can be found through their Frequently Asked Questions document.

The SA Pharmacy Residency Program is the only state-wide program in the country that also results in a postgraduate qualification. Recruitment for residency positions will occur in March or April each year, with residents commencing their first rotation in early May.

Residency Program goals

The goals of the Residency Program are for the resident to develop and demonstrate progress towards practice at an advanced AHP2 level, via the following:

  • Apply the foundational clinical and pharmacological principles in the general areas of Clinical Pharmacy (i.e. General Medicine, Surgery and Operational).
  • Demonstrate good dispensing practices.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, clinical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.
  • Demonstrate effective teaching principles, feedback techniques and contribute effectively to the education program within SA Pharmacy.
  • Demonstrate versatility and adaptability working across different sites.
  • Contribute effectively in research, audit and quality improvement activities.
  • Begin an Evidence Portfolio.
  • Demonstrate well-developed professional qualities: prioritisation and organisation, leadership, ability to self-reflect, self-direct learning, independence, ability to provide quality clinical supervision, being receptive and ability to effectively apply feedback.
  • Maintain a professional development plan.
  • Enrol in and successfully complete a Graduate Certificate qualification.

Residents need to be highly motivated, capable of critical thinking, take ownership of their own learning developments, practice exceptional time management and ensure high quality patient care is provided. These skills establish a solid foundation for advancing practice and leadership thereafter.

How to apply for the Residency Program

Applications for the program are accepted through the SA Health careers website. Pharmacists who are not working for SA health currently are welcome to apply as well.

The program requires a self-funded enrolment and a post-graduate qualification from the University of South Australia (UniSA). Please note there are opportunities for financial support while undertaking the Residency Program, such as travel to regional sites and accommodation.

For more information about SA Pharmacy’s Residency Program, contact SA Pharmacy on