Closing the Gap Co-Payment Initiative

In line with the ‘Closing the Gap’ co-payment initiative, SA Pharmacy provide free or cheaper Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines for eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in South Australia.

The benefit is applicable to eligible patients being discharged from, or attending an outpatient clinic, who present PBS prescriptions at a public hospital SA Pharmacy clinic.


To be eligible, the patient must:

  • Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; and
  • Have an existing chronic disease or chronic disease risk factor; and
  • Be registered for the Closing the Gap (CTG) Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) co-payment measure by a general practitioner or health provider; or
  • Access medicines through the Remote Area Aboriginal Health Services (RAAHS) Program – Section 100.

PBS Medicines

The PBS medicines will be free if the patient holds a Centrelink or DVA concession card or usually access their medicines from an approved Remote Area Aboriginal Health Service. If the patient does not have concession card, the co-payment will be $6.40 for each supply of PBS medicine.