Our new brand

For the first time, SA Dental has its own official logo and brand to represent our service for the South Australian community, which is used in conjunction with the Government of South Australia logo.

It represents our vision to influence the way South Australians value and improve their oral health and improve their understanding of the importance of oral health for their overall health and wellbeing.

SA Dental new branding launch video:

SA Dental introduces, Max Molar, The Plaque Patroller:

SA Dental Introduces Max Molar

SA Dental new co-branding:
SA Dental Max Say Ahh
SA Dental Love Your Smile

Check out our key oral health message videos:

Don't get Squeezy, take it easy!

Don't rush when you brush!

Brush morning, brush night, brush left, brush right!
Just a dot, not a lot!