About SA Dental

Our vision

South Australians value and improve their oral health, understanding its importance for their overall health and wellbeing.

Our mission

Leads population oral health improvement: SA Dental is the leader in policy, advocacy, education and health promotion to improve oral health for all South Australians, with a specific focus on increasing equity in oral health for priority population groups.

Delivers service to eligible individuals: SA Dental supports individuals to improve their oral health by providing dental care to eligible adults and to all children.

Our values

The SA Dental values are the foundation for how we work together and how we treat others. They underpin the principles we strive for, in ensuring that we value diversity and partner with the community to enable all South Australians to achieve better oral health and wellbeing. 

SA Dental Values

SA Dental Strategic Plan 2026  (SP26)

Our new strategic plan is about where we want to be.

Our new vision is ambitious and reflects the importance of integrating oral health and general health. 

The strategic plan emphasises the role SA Dental will have in actively working to improve integration, and ultimately oral health in SA.

The strategic plan provides a long term vision to highlight the importance of a clear and unified organisational direction. 

Since the release of the SA Oral Health Plan, SA Dental has considered its role in implementing the plan and how it needed to configure services to support this. 

The format of our new strategic plan reflects the six foundation areas of SA’s Oral Health Plan, helping to demonstrate the contribution made by SA Dental to achieving the SA’s Oral Health Plan objectives.

Strategic Plan 2026

SA Dental Yearbook

Each year SA Dental develops a yearbook. The yearbook provides a comprehensive report on SA Dental activities throughout the preceding year.