Ambulance and emergency services

If it is a medical emergency call Triple Zero (000) now. 

In a Mental Health emergency, call 13 14 65.

Calling Triple Zero (000)

South Australia’s ambulance and emergency medical services provides emergency medical assistance, treatment and transport, non-urgent patient transport and high-quality patient care to the people of South Australia.

Triple Zero (000) is a free call from any phone, mobile or phone box.

  1. You will hear a short recorded message stating that you have dialled the emergency number and then a Telstra operator will ask which service you require - police, fire or ambulance?
  2. You must stay on the line.
  3. Respond with the service you need and the state you are in. (If you are using a mobile telephone you will be asked for the city and state you are in).
  4. Your call will then be connected to the emergency service you need. Requests for an ambulance in South Australia will be connected to the SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) Emergency Operations Centre in Adelaide. 

Stay calm, speak clearly and answer all of the call-takers questions to ensure we can send the most appropriate ambulance resource to your emergency.

Our highly trained call -takers will calmly talk you through what you need to do in your specific emergency. They can even help you perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other first-aid treatments while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Important questions you must answer when calling Triple Zero (000)

  • What is the exact address of the emergency?
  • What is the phone number you are calling from?
  • What is the problem, tell me exactly what happened?
  • How old is he/she?
  • Is he/she conscious?
  • Is he/she breathing?

Additional questions will then be asked by the operator depending on what has happened.

Do you have a Mental Health Emergency?

Mental health emergency - call 13 14 65.

For assistance in a mental health emergency, contact the mental health triage service - telephone 13 14 65 available 24 hours, seven days a week.