Application of the Safe Drinking Water Act

The Safe Drinking Water Act applies to drinking water providers who supply water to members of the public ranging from large supplies such as SA Water, rural and remote community supplies and accommodation and food premises.

Accommodation premises

The Act applies to drinking water provided in short term accommodation premises. Such premises may include bed and breakfasts, farmstays, motels, hotels, caravan parks and holiday rentals.

Exemptions have been included for rainwater supplies provided in low risk premises including accommodation premises. As a result, many accommodation providers who supply rainwater to guests will be exempt from the requirements of the Act.

See the Application of the Act to accommodation premises fact sheet (PDF 101KB) for more detailed information.

Food premises

Drinking water supplies used in premises that prepare and serve food and beverages are captured under the Act. Such premises may include cafes, restaurants, delicatessens, hotels, road houses and hosted bed and breakfasts.

Exemptions for the provision of rainwater do not apply to food premises except where the rainwater is boiled prior to use.

See the Application of the Act to food premises fact sheet (PDF 98KB) for more detailed information.


The Act applies to wineries that use private rainwater or bore water supplies for the preparation of food and beverages. This includes wineries serving food at a restaurant or café.

Wineries offering rainwater at the cellar door (without food preparation) are exempt from the Act.

See the Application of the Act to wineries fact sheet (PDF 108KB) for more detailed information.

Further information

For further information on registering as a drinking water provider, contact SA Health's Water Quality Unit on: