What Can Workers Do?

Given the amount of time we spend at our jobs, workplaces are an ideal setting for employers to encourage employees to make ‘the healthy choice, the easy choice’, and therefore enjoy leading healthier lifestyles.

But responsibility doesn’t just lie with employers. There’s a lot that you can do as an employee to improve your health while at work, resulting in plenty of benefits, including:

  • improved physical health and mental wellbeing
  • increased energy and productivity
  • reduced stress and other work-related illness
  • improved alertness and concentration levels
  • greater health awareness and knowledge
  • reduced risk of preventable disease.

Get Your Workplace Involved

There are a number of ways you can get the ball rolling and make your workplace more supportive for those who want to make healthy lifestyle changes. You could:

  • speak with your manager about implementing a health and wellbeing program, and explain why it is worthwhile for the business (present them with some of the statistics on the value of supporting good health).
  • actively and constructively participate in any health-promoting activity offered by your work
  • consider championing your workplace health program, by coordinating activities or hosting events
  • become part of a workplace Health and Wellbeing Committee or set one up.

Great Ideas on Activities You can do in Your Workplace

There are lots of ways to address various health topics at a range of costs and levels of resourcing. For some great ideas on activities you can do in your workplace, check out our ideas for action.

Getting involved at work can help you to make some health changes of your own, including: