Healthy Learning and Lifestyle Environments for Early Childhood Settings

Across our community there are many programs underway supporting both providers and parents to help children under five years old and their families to enjoy healthy lifestyles.

Helping children and families to eat healthy and be active

  • OPAL: based in local councils and working with a range of community groups and services to help children and adults to become more active and make healthy eating choices.
  • Eat a Rainbow: a program for young children involving a range of activities and providing opportunities to talk about, and taste-test a variety of fruit and vegetables in a fun and supportive environment.

Helping childcare and preschool centres provide safe, healthy food

  • Healthy Eating Guidelines: for promoting a whole-school approach to learning, health and wellbeing through food and nutrition in six key areas.
  • Right Bite: helps to ensure that healthy food and drink choices are provided and promoted in canteens, vending machines and other relevant areas in South Australian schools and preschools.

Supporting and promoting breastfeeding

Australian Breastfeeding Association : information and resources for parents and childcare and early education providers.

Breastfeeding Welcome Here program: public venues such as cafes, community centres and public libraries can receive a Breastfeeding Welcome Here sticker to display, letting breastfeeding mothers know that the venue has:

  • a welcoming attitude from staff and management
  • a smoke-free environment
  • room to move a pram.

Assisting workplaces to be healthier for staff, parents and visitors