Food Safety Week

The Food Safety Information Council runs Australian Food Safety Week (AFSW) in November every year. The aim of AFSW is to promote relevant food safety messages to the general public and the food industry, ultimately to reduce the incidence of food borne illness in Australia.  

Food Safety Week 2019: ‘Excellent Eggs – Handle Them Safely’

This year Australian Food Safety Week is all about Excellent Eggs and how to handle them safely. Eggs are an important part of many Australians diets providing a good source of protein and unsaturated fat (‘the good fat’), however if handled poorly eggs can lead to illness, particularly in vulnerable people.

In support of Australian Food Safety Week 2019, SA Health is promoting a range of information and resources about eggs and safe egg handling via social media and our website so that food businesses and the public are equipped to make egg dishes that really are excellent!

The following topics are available on our website: