Lead in workplaces and hobbies

People may be exposed to lead when they work in professions such as radiator repair, car battery manufacturing, recycling or hobbies such as:

  • lead-lighting
  • making stained glass
  • firing and glazing pottery
  • soldering electronics
  • making fishing sinkers
  • renovating older homes, furniture, cars or boats coated with lead-based paint
  • using firearms and activities associated to firearms.

Working in a lead-related industry or hobby can also put your family at risk of lead exposure. Lead-contaminated dust from your workplace or hobby space can attach to your clothes, shoes, hair, skin, work gear and other personal items, which can readily transfer into your vehicle and onto surfaces in your home. This transfer is known as take-home lead. It is important you take precautions to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of take-home lead (PDF 197KB).

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Further information

For further information on the risk of lead exposure from workplaces and hobbies, contact SA Health's Scientific Services (08) 8226 7100.