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This page is designed to provide information and resources with a focus on SA Health operational clinical placement matters for education provider staff. Within SA Health the Better Placed Clinical Placement Coordination Team in conjunction with Local Health Networks, work closely together with education providers to facilitate the coordinated administration of placements. For general introductory information and background, visit the Better Placed web page.

SA Health clinical placement agreements and placement provider partnerships

Formal agreements between education providers and SA Health are required to be current to place any student(s) at SA Health sites.

Prior to the establishment of a Clinical Placement Agreement education providers must contact the SA Health site’s relevant staff directly to discuss and negotiate the hosting of students for clinical placement. If the Health site agrees to enter into a partnership to host your students and the education provider does not have a current Clinical Placement Agreement with SA Health you should contact the manager of the Better Placed team.

New Placeright partnership requests for Nursing, Midwifery or Certificate Courses in regional health sites need to be approved by the Regional Local Health Networks Clinical Placement Reference Group, please direct any new Placeright partnership applications to

SA Health student pre-placement requirements

Education providers must ensure that all health profession students have completed the mandatory SA Health pre-placement requirements, as well as any site or discipline specific requirements prior to commencing the clinical placement. For further information refer to the Clinical Placement Requirements for Health Care Students guideline (PDF 1MB).

Ensure that students and your employed educators / supervisors understand and sign the Clinical Placement Deed Poll – Students and Staff (PDF 274KB) prior to the placement. This needs to be signed and witnessed by a person: 18 years of age or above, know the person whose signature they are witnessing (over period of 12 months), be of sound mind and not be under the influence of drugs / alcohol.

If pre-placement requirements are not met then the health site reserves the right to delay or cancel the placement until compliance is met. If unsure communicate directly with the SA Health site specific contact(s) in a timely manner prior to placement to ensure that the students have met all requirements.

Administration of clinical placements within SA Health sites

As part of the SA Health Clinical Placement Agreement the online Clinical Placement Management System Placeright™ is required for the administration of selected professions in scope as outlined below.

Enrolled and Registered Nursing, Midwifery, Audiology, Exercise Physiology, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Psychology, Social Work, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Medical Laboratory Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Orthoptics, Paramedicine, Pharmacy, Speech Pathology, Genetic Counselling, Oral Health and Dentistry.

Education provider Placeright partnerships will need to be established for you to be able to request placements with SA Health placement providers – see the Placeright Partnerships fact sheet (PDF 377KB).

There are varying planning methods used for clinical placement future reservations for next semester / year across professions and/or SA Health Local Health Networks, for example the Better Placed team in conjunction with health site staff plan the allocation of nursing placements for the next academic year.

Education providers need to ensure that clinical placement requests via Placeright are arranged in a timely manner allowing adequate administration time for SA Health representatives refer to the:

Placement bookings in Placeright need to be confirmed and student details (names, date of birth, gender, email addresses, Sunrise EMR training pass mark at applicable sites and rostering the student(s) first day of placement to assist health site staff in student management) uploaded / assigned by a minimum of six weeks for regional placements and four weeks for metropolitan health sites prior to the students commencement date. To achieve this requests will therefore need to be entered earlier, e.g. six to eight weeks, allowing time for health site staff to review and action the requests.

Refer to the Better Placed 2024 Pre-Placement Placeright Administration Calendar (PDF 181KB) which highlights key dates relating to pre-placement timeframes.

Due to the high demand for clinical placements in SA Health it is vital that education providers cancel unrequired bookings within the required timeframes. It has been identified that late cancellations (under six weeks for regional and under four weeks for metropolitan health sites) results in capacity being wasted. To be able to better manage placement capacity it is a requirement that cancellation codes are entered. Refer to the Managing Student Cancellations fact sheet (PDF 1MB).

Sunrise EMR student access

SA Health’s electronic medical record system, Sunrise EMR (formerly EPAS), is currently active at a number of SA Health sites with ongoing implementation at new sites. Students undertaking placement at an active Sunrise EMR site will be provisioned with appropriate access prior to placement and will be required to use this system to complete their placement.

In order to receive Sunrise EMR access students must complete Sunrise training and education provider placement staff must record the students’ completion in Placeright™. Sunrise training is provided via eLearning modules. Please contact the Sunrise EMR Training team to find out more information about hosting or accessing the modules:

For more information about student Sunrise EMR access you can:

Sunrise EMR student access Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sunrise EMR & PAS

Sunrise is an integrated electronic patient record system that provides a consistent and complete electronic health record for every patient across SA Health Sunrise live sites, which must be used by most students.

2. How do Students on clinical placement obtain access to Sunrise EMR?

Students who have successfully completed their Sunrise EMR training prior to their placement commencing will be provided with a Health Active Directory (HAD) ID and password by their SA Health site supervisor on their first day of placement provided by the Better Placed Student Sunrise EMR Access team. Note students need to complete Sunrise EMR training annually.

3. How do Education Provider staff record students have passed Sunrise EMR Training?

Once education provider staff have verified that the student has successfully passed Sunrise EMR training, in the Confirmed Placeright booking in the Students TAB, select VIEW against the relevant student and then select the link View Student Master Record in new tab and in the Students Other Personal Details/Notes Section record that the student has passed by selecting the tick box and enter the date the student has passed. Remember to always go to the “Publish” tab to save changes made to a placement. Note that training is valid for 12 months after completion and therefore the student must complete Sunrise EMR training annually (every 12 months).

4. How do Students access Sunrise training?

The Sunrise eLearning modules are hosted on individual education provider learning management system (i.e. Moodle). Education providers who do not host the learning management system may seek access to SA Health’s Online Training Information System (OTIS) by contacting the Sunrise EMR training team at:

5.  How does the Sunrise EMR Access team identify which students require access to Sunrise?

The Sunrise EMR Access team generate weekly reports from PlacerightTM with relevant details such as student name and placement location. As the time to create HAD/Sunrise accounts varies on the complexity of the access it is important that bookings are confirmed and student names are assigned by no later than 4 weeks prior to the placement commencing (6 weeks for regional placements).

6. Why do Students need to undertake Sunrise training?

The use of Sunrise is mandatory and all students attending Sunrise live sites must pass mandatory Sunrise training in order to be able to use Sunrise. Sunrise training is included in the mandatory pre-placement requirements for Sunrise live sites for students to be ‘placement ready’. Students will use Sunrise with an appropriate student profile within their scope of practice. Additional learning and skill consolidation will occur within the context of their scope of practice in a supervised environment.

7. Who is responsible to ensure Students complete Sunrise training?

Education provider staff are responsible to ensure that their students are ‘placement ready’ and have met all mandatory pre-placement requirements, including Sunrise training if required. Education provider staff should sight all students’ training certificates and update the student notes section in Placeright to indicate that they have completed training.

8. What happens if Students don’t complete Sunrise EMR training?

Students are required to undertake and complete Sunrise EMR training annually prior to being assigned to a placement at a Sunrise live site. SA Health staff hosting the placement reserve the right to cancel placements if the mandatory pre-placement requirements have not been met.

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