Renal Community of Practice

Chair – Professor Stephen McDonald — Clinical Director, Renal Services, Rural Support Services and Director Dialysis CNARTS

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The Renal Community of Practice (RCOP) comprises of a statewide team of expert renal health care clinicians from metropolitan, country and private health services, working with people who have kidney disease and/or renal failure. Together, with consumer representatives, data analysts and Kidney Health they are responsible for developing, improving, monitoring and sustaining best practice statewide services for all South Australians with kidney disease.


The RCOP is responsible for developing the priorities and standards relevant to contemporary renal practices across South Australia (SA). The RCOP provides statewide governance for acute and chronic renal health services within South Australia, aligned to best practice evidence. RCOP continues to provide clinical leadership and involvement in the development and application of renal clinical standards, guidelines and protocols.

Reference groups

The RCOP is supported by a series of reference groups, across areas such as clinical practice guidelines, strategies for identifying and addressing dialysis provision, provision of timely data to support safe and high quality practice and other areas. The Renal Protocol and Guideline Reference Group provides clinical leadership in the development of SA Renal Clinical Practice Guidelines. Guidelines and key performance indicators.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Renal Clinical Practice Guidelines have been prepared to promote and facilitate standardisation and consistency of practice, using a multidisciplinary approach. The clinical practice guidelines are based on a review of published evidence and expert opinion. 

South Australian renal dialysis system plan

The South Australian renal dialysis system plan outlines the current and projected renal replacement therapy demand for all South Australians across metropolitan and country South Australia until 2031.


The RCOP priorities include the strategic planning response and implementation to projected statewide population renal demand, supported by evidence based data, interventions and protocol review.

SA Dialysis activity data dashboard

The following reports summarise monthly haemodialysis capacity and waiting lists in South Australia. This data supports the operational considerations of South Australia’s renal units and the placement of haemodialysis patients, it also assists with statewide service planning.

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