Statewide Interfacility Transfer Process

SA Health’s newly established State Health Coordination Centre has recently completed comprehensive engagement with clinicians and stakeholders across the state, to co-design and develop the Statewide Interfacility Transfer Process (SIFT).

Facilitated by electronic tools, SIFT is a streamlined, consistent, statewide process, supporting the transfer of patients accepted for admission by inpatient services in public hospitals and other health services – including return to regional hospitals and rehabilitation care.


The three new SIFT tools include:

  1. SIFT e-form, see Interfacility Transfer e-Form guide (PDF 115KB)
  2. SIFT dashboard
  3. Electronic Medical Record pre-visit (EMR)

The SIFT e-form and dashboard will be activated in Local Health Network/sites who are yet to start using the EMR. Clinicians from non-EMR sites are encouraged to consider obtaining Read-only EMR access (PDF 189KB) if it is clinically relevant to their role.

Further information

Comprehensive and detailed information on the new SIFT process is available on the SA Health intranet.

View the SIFT process (PDF 297KB).