Mental Health Phase of Care training course

Mental Health Phase of Care (MH PoC) has been introduced across mental health services in Australia and incorporated into routine clinical practice for collection under the Australian Mental Health Care Classification. The AMHCC aims to improve the clinical meaningfulness of how mental health care services are classified, counted and costed and the PoC aligns with the existing National Outcomes and Casemix Collection (NOCC).

Suitable: for all Mental Health clinicians 

Duration: 3 hrs zoom or face to face

Facilitated by: SA Mental Health Training Centre. See Mental health training calendar page for workshop dates.

Workshop aims

This training provides mental health clinicians proficiency in rating the Mental Health Phase of Care

The instrument brings together two key concepts,

  1. consumers care needs change over time as they move between different stages of their illness
  2. the focus of treatment and associated resources will therefore change accordingly.

There are five possible phases of care:

  • assessment only
  • acute
  • functional gain
  • intensive extended
  • consolidating gain.

To facilitate the collection and reporting of Phase of Care, it has been linked to the NOCC data set and is collected in the rating of the HoNOS.

Learning outcomes

The session will include:

  • clinical training in the rating and collection of the Phase of Care
  • in depth exploration of the 5 Phase of Care categories
  • application to clinical practise
  • an introduction to its potential for MH casemix funding.