Graduated Paramedic Pathway

Do you have a current SA Ambulance Service Ambulance Officer Scope of Practice?

Have you wanted to become a Paramedic but couldn’t manage full-time study while still working?

Are you currently living in a regional location or wanting to move to a country location?

SA Ambulance Service is looking for current Ambulance Officers that are interested in working in regional locations and wanting to undertake a graduated pathway to becoming a paramedic.

If you would like to be part of a strong team of approximately 3,500 career and volunteer staff that always places the patient first to save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life, then SA Ambulance Service is the place for you to be.

Our Graduated Paramedic Pathway is specifically designed to provide an alternative pathway to the role of paramedic. It provides a stepped education and clinical progression approach that includes completing HLT51020 Diploma of Emergency Health Care before progressing to Bachelor of Paramedical Science (degree). As a GPP student you will be employed by and working within SA Ambulance Service, while undertaking your studies. This provides a great opportunity for you to put your learning into practice almost straight away.

SA Ambulance Service will cover course fees for the diploma, while all degree expenses will be self-funded by the GPP student.

As a GPP student, you will join a team of dedicated professionals providing rapid response, emergency medical assessment, treatment, care and transportation of patients within the out of hospital environment. You will be supported throughout the GPP to develop your knowledge and confidence in the application of current clinical practice guidelines to achieve positive outcomes in line with best practice techniques and practice.

You will be supported by on road mentorship and direct access to team leaders and managers to enable you to successfully undertake intensive operational and clinical training. You will develop sound interpersonal and communication skills by working effectively with a team and with a diverse range of people, placing the patient first to achieve good clinical outcomes.

To check your eligibility and any other requirements you need to meet, we encourage you to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Gemma's story

Gemma started as a Patient Transport Officer with SA Ambulance Service. She always wanted to continue on and become a paramedic. The Graduated Paramedic Pathway has given her the opportunity to work under the scope of a paramedic while studying the degree. She believes working while studying will enable her to apply and practice new skills and knowledge as she is learning.

Gemma — Testimony

"It is a great opportunity and an excellent pathway to set me up for a life long career.

My mentors and team leaders have been very supportive. It was a huge switch from patient transport officer to working under the scope of a paramedic; it's been a learning curve for both paramedics and myself but has been a really positive experience. 

Looking forward to the next few years."

Photo of Gemma, an SAAS officer

Join the team at SA Ambulance Service and enjoy a solid foundation for a great career.

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Job reference: 772747 - Graduated Paramedic Pathway - Ambulance Officer Pool 2022.

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