Thank you for considering applying for a position within SA Health. Recruitment and Selection processes across SA Health are striving to achieve best practice and a commitment to a selection based on merit. This means treating all applications in a fair and equitable manner that aims to choose the best person for the position.

The information on this page is for Australian and New Zealand applicants. 

Your application

A well presented, easy to read application will allow the panel to assess the information they need from your application. To give yourself the best opportunity to reach an interview, your application should clearly and concisely demonstrate to the selection panel that you are suitably equipped to perform the role, and that you possess all of the stated minimum essential skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and educational qualifications (where required).

The following format is recommended, unless a specific role specifies otherwise.

Online Application

Complete the Online Application, which enables you to share your personal details and information relevant to the position, including your employment history, education, qualifications and professional memberships. The online application has room for you to attach up to three nominated referees, their positions and their contact details.

Covering letter

Attach a covering letter of up to two (2) pages. Introduce yourself to the selection panel and describe your skills, abilities, knowledge, qualifications and experience in relation to the position.


Attach a current Resume that includes your personal details, relevant employment history, education, training courses, qualifications and professional memberships/registration.

The Job and Person Specification

Selection for interview will be based on an assessment of your application against the requirements of the position as outlined in the Job Specification, and against the criterion detailed in the accompanying Person Specification.

It is recommended that you carefully read the Job and Person Specification to understand what the position entails before proceeding to apply for the position, and ensure that your application reflects your suitability for the position. Please ensure that your application includes sufficient information for the panel to make an informed determination.


It is recommended that you advise your referees of the position you are applying for as the panel may seek their opinion of your capability to perform the requirements of the position. At least one referee should be your immediate supervisor/manager in your current position and be able to provide current feedback about you to the selection panel.

We take this opportunity to wish you success with your application.

Criminal history screening and background checks

Criminal history screening is an assessment of information obtained about you to determine whether you may pose a risk to a particular group of people in a professional or volunteer environment.

All preferred applicants will be required to demonstrate that they have undergone an appropriate criminal and relevant history screening assessment/ criminal history check.

Depending on the role, this may be a Department of Human Services (DHS) 'Working with Children Check' and/or a satisfactory South Australian Police (SAPOL) National Police Certificate (NPC).

One or more of the following checks may be required:

The Job and Person Specification (or Role Description) for which the position you are applying specifies the type of checks required for the position.

To reduce delays, please ensure you apply for the correct screening check(s). You can apply online via the relevant websites listed above. If you are unsure which check is required for the position, you can ask the nominated contact person for the position for which you are applying. Alternatively you can contact the human resources unit in the relevant health service.

For further information and to access the relevant forms, visit the Department of Human Services website or the SA Police website.

Immunisation requirements

If you are applying for a role defined as category A (involving direct contact with blood or body substances) or category B (involving indirect contact with blood or body substances) you are required to provide confirmation of immune status and/or participate in screening and/or vaccination prior to any offer of employment being confirmed. If you do not agree to participate, you will not be further considered to receive an offer of employment.

The category relevant to the role will appear in the job pack PDF provided on the SA Health careers site.

If you are successfully employed within SA Health you will be required to undergo periodic health screening and immunisation reviews by the employer.

More information about immunisation requirements in SA Health and the required form to submit with your application (or at interview if applicable) is available here (this link will give more in-depth information and contact details if further assistance is required).

For further information visit Health care worker immunisation requirements

Rights of review

If you are not a public sector employee you are ineligible to lodge a Promotional Grievance or Internal Review.

If you are a Public Sector Act employee who is aggrieved by a reviewable employment decision directly affecting you (other than dismissal), you may apply for an ‘Internal Review’ of the decision in accordance with section 61 of the Public Sector Act and regulation 26 of the Public Sector Regulations 2010 and the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment Guideline-Review of Decisions, within 7 days after the day on which you are notified of the outcome of the selection processes.

Further information can be sought by contacting your local Human Resources section.

If you are a Health Care Act employee you may only lodge a ‘Promotional Grievance’ in the case of alleged unfair treatment of your application to a position other than to a base grade position, a temporary or casual position or to a position classified within the Executive Levels, you may be eligible to lodge a Promotional Grievance provided that you are eligible for appointment to that position, and that application is made within 7 days from when you received notification of the result of your application.

Grounds on which a grievance/review may be made:

As an applicant you may lodge a Promotional Grievance against a nomination on one or more of the following grounds:

  1. That the applicant nominated is not eligible for appointment to the position;
  2. That the selection processes leading to the nomination were affected by nepotism or patronage or were otherwise not properly based on an assessment of the respective merits of the applicants; or
  3. That there was some other serious irregularity in the selection process.

You must lodge the required Promotional Grievance form with the Chief Executive, SA Health and your local Health Network/Service, Chief Executive Officer.

Further information can be found within the SA Health Human Resources Manual or via your local Human Resources section.