Our Vision - Draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Wellbeing SA

Wellbeing SA has a long-term vision to create a balanced health and wellbeing system that supports improved physical, mental and social wellbeing for all South Australians.

Inclusion of people living with disability (including psychosocial disability) in everyday activities involves practices and policies designed to identify and remove barriers such as physical, sensory, cognitive, communication, and attitudinal, that impede people’s ability to have full participation in society, the same as people without disability.

Inclusion involves:

  • receiving fair treatment from others (non-discrimination);
  • using language and making products, communications, and the physical environment more usable by as many people as possible (universal design);
  • modifying items, procedures, or systems to enable a person with a disability to use them to the maximum extent possible (reasonable accommodations); and
  • eliminating the belief that people with disabilities are unhealthy or less capable of doing things (stigma, stereotypes).

Disability inclusion involves co-designing solutions with people living with disabilities. This often occurs through partnering with disability-focused independent living organisations, advocacy groups, disability representatives or advisory groups, in the development, implementation, monitoring and review of policies, programs and systems.

Wellbeing SA aims to achieve this vision through the delivery of this action plan.

Contents of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020 to 2024 — Wellbeing SA