SA Gene Technology Act Consultation

Gene technology is any technique that modifies genes or any other genetic material to produce a genetically modified organism such as a bacteria or plant.

The South Australian Gene Technology Act puts in place regulatory measures to protect the health and safety of people and protect the environment by identifying and managing risks posed by gene technology.

The SA Gene Technology Act currently mirrors the Commonwealth Gene Technology Act to ensure a model of national consistency.

Currently, every time there is a change to the Commonwealth Act, the SA Act undertakes a full Parliamentary process to adopt the change.

This amendment will allow South Australia to adopt Commonwealth legislation in the future by a regulation making process, creating a simpler and quicker process for any proposed changes.

The South Australian Government would still be able to review the proposed changes and make a decision suitable for the South Australian community. The current regulatory protections for human health and safety and the environment will not be changed.

For more information, read the SA Gene Technology Act Consultation Paper (PDF 272KB)Draft Gene Technology (Adoption of Commonwealth Amendments) Amendment Bill 2021 (PDF 42KB), and SA Gene Technology Act Consultation Fact Sheet (PDF 273KB).

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You are invited to provide feedback on the proposed amendment to the South Australian Gene Technology Act. You can complete a short survey which will be available on the South Australian Government’s YourSAy website from 8 March 2021 at:

The consultation will be open until COB on 19 April 2021.