The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report

Chief Public Health Officer’s Report 2016-2018

This the fourth Chief Public Health Officer’s Report developed to meet the requirements of Section 23 of the South Australian Public Health Act, 2011 (the Act) and reports on:

  • public health trends, activities and indicators
  • progress on the implementation of the State Public Health Plan 
  • the administration of the Act.

The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report 2014-2016 is comprised of three linked parts

Major findings

Major findings from the Chief Public Health Officer’s Report 2016-2018 highlighted:

  • South Australia has the highest participation rates in Australia for the national bowel cancer screening, breast screening and cervical screening programs.
  • The proportion of South Australian adults who report being overweight or obese continues to increase. Furthermore, the prevalence rate of diabetes in South Australian adults was the highest to date.
  • Few South Australians of all ages meet physical activity guidelines and nearly one quarter of South Australian children exceed the recommended amount of sedentary screen-based activity.

chief public health officers overweight infographic 2018

  • The number of deaths from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has increased 84% over the past decade and nearly equals ischaemic heart disease as the leading cause of death.
  • 93.8% of children aged one to five were fully immunised and 94.3% of Aboriginal children were fully immunised at five in 2017. We have made some great progress, but this is still lower than national immunisation rates.

chief public health officers immunised graphic 2018

Part 1 - The Chief Public Health Officers Report

The report (PDF 3MB) highlights the wide spectrum of actions that impact on public health and on healthcare – from taking action on the determinants of health at the earliest level of prevention through to specific actions designed to address prevention and remediation of identified health threats; through to dealing with the preventable burden of diseases and injuries once they have occurred.

The report is an interactive and linked PDF to the other parts below.

Part 2 - The Data Compendium

Throughout the report are links to statistical tables, figures and maps which are held in the Chief Public Health Officer’s Report Data Compendium (PDF 3.5MB). The Data Compendium also provides definitions, terminology and further information on data sources and analysis.

Part 3 - Compendium of Case Studies, Research and Achievements

Summaries of many case studies and feature stories are highlighted in this report. The Compendium of Case Studies, Research and Achievements (PDF 2.31MB) comprises these in full and showcase the breadth of public health action in South Australia.

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