Non-Government Organisation Mental Health Service Redesign Program

Respecting people’s dignity and comfort matters.

The South Australian Government and SA Health are committed to ensuring that vulnerable mental health consumers receive appropriate services and supports.

The Non-Government Organisation Mental Health Service Redesign Program (the NGO Redesign project) is an initiative of the Mental Health Services Plan 2020-25, with its delivery underpinned by the:

  • SA Health Commissioning Framework which provides a structured process for evidence-based funding decisions and supports performance monitoring for continuous improvement;                  and
  • Office of the Chief Psychiatrist Philosophy of Care which provides guiding principles for values and behaviours in co-design opportunities (detailed in the Mental Health Services Plan)

Using a best-practice co-design collaborative approach, primarily informed by lived experience, the NGO Redesign project will identify opportunities and develop a strategy and plan to meet the needs of consumers and communities.

Lived experience offers different perspectives, proves resilience and strength and offers a sense of hope and partnership.

We can all actively learn from lived experience skills and approaches.

The NGO Redesign project aims to deliver organisation redesign in the context of SA Health contracted NGO services, to align accessible and equitable services with the needs of the community and to maximise public value.

As part of Stage 1 – the assessment of needs and redesign opportunities the SA Lived Experience Leadership and Advocacy Network (LELAN) facilitated four co-design workshops and provided a final report. 

The LELAN co-design report was finalised on 2 August 2021 and directly informs Stage 2 of the commissioning process which focusses on the planning and implementing of NGO redesign options and priorities. 

You are invited to view the LELAN Co-Design Report and Response to the LELAN Report  prepared by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist.

NGO mental health partnerships with SA Health

The non-government organisation (NGO) community mental health sector is a major provider of services that assist people with a mental illness to live a fulfilling community life.

There are several program areas including:

  • information, mutual support, self-help and advocacy
  • vocational and educational
  • individual and group psychosocial rehabilitation and support
  • housing and support options
  • respite, family and carer services

Mental Health Services Plan 2020-2025

The Mental Health Services Plan 2020-2025 (PDF 728KB) has been developed by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist and the SA Mental Health Commission, with contributions from many individuals and organisations committed to improving mental health service provision in South Australia.

The Plan sets out the proposed future direction for Department for Health and Wellbeing commissioned mental health services.

The aim is to rebalance the health system towards community alternatives focused on early intervention and prevention, reduced reliance upon emergency services, and improved service accessibility, integration and continuity across the continuum of care, whilst at the same time seeking to partner with, and empower consumers in their health care.

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