SA Dental Service

Our vision

Good oral health is integral to overall health and wellbeing.  A healthy mouth has a positive impact on physical, mental and social wellbeing.  

Our mission

Working with the community to enable South Australians to achieve better oral health and well being through

  • health promotion
  • timely dental treatment with a focus on prevention and early intervention
  • support for education and research.

Our values

SA Dental Service recognises that all people are entitled to the same rights and services and we are committed to the principles of social justice, fairness, and equity in the delivery of all services.  We value diversity and we work with the community to enable South Australians to achieve better oral health and well being.

We recognise that some groups have poorer health than others and we work towards improved health outcomes for disadvantaged groups, providing access to services in a fair way, recognising the rights and dignity of all individuals.

These principles are underpinned by our values.

Commitment to excellence

  • We strive for excellence in all we do
  • We persevere, always working to the best of our ability
  • We challenge mediocrity, evaluate and improve our work practices and  behaviours
  • We use our initiative to learn as individuals and as an organisation.

Creativity and innovation

  • We challenge existing ideas to constantly improve the way we work
  • We are always learning, having the courage to try new ways
  • We think outside the square, creatively solving problems
  • We reward innovation and value ideas and input from others.


  • We work together in partnership to achieve common goals
  • We recognise and celebrate achievements and reinforce the positives
  • We work cooperatively, share ideas  the focus is “we not me“
  • We support and motivate each other to achieve team goals.

Respect and compassion

  • We communicate openly and honestly to build effective relationships
  • We encourage staff and consumer involvement as participation helps us improve (our business)
  • We keep communication simple, sharing information that builds consistent understanding
  • We are open and approachable, we listen, learn from each other and are able to give and receive feedback.

Honesty and integrity

  • We are recognised to high ethical standards, people can trust what we do and say
  • We accept responsibility and are accountable for our own actions
  • We have the courage to admit mistakes and the commitment to resolve issues
  • We build trust in relationships through consistency in our behaviour.