Our hospital dashboards

SA Health’s hospital dashboards provide easy access to up-to-date information about South Australia’s major public hospitals.

The dashboards assist hospital management, clinicians and staff to monitor and manage the flow of patients in the emergency departments and inpatient units of busy hospital environments.

There are four dashboards available and that can be accessed from this page:

The Emergency Department and Inpatient dashboards provide regular updates on the number of patients in the emergency and inpatient areas of South Australia’s major public hospitals at any given time. The data is updated from each hospital every 30 minutes.

The Elective Surgery dashboard provides a daily snapshot of public hospital elective surgery waiting list activity at major metropolitan hospitals and 27 country hospitals. The data is updated daily.

The Ambulance Service dashboard is presented in a similar way to the Emergency Department and Inpatient dashboards and uses the same information about the numbers of patients presenting, average waiting times and the occupancy and expected discharge times of inpatient beds. The emergency activity on the dashboard is updated every five minutes.Other activity is updated every 30 minutes including the average turnaround times for ambulance crews when they are at hospital emergency departments.

The SA Health dashboards were first made available to the public in 2011. South Australia was the first and remains the only state in the county to regularly make this extensive level of information available to the public.