SA Health is committed to improving ambulance response times and reducing ramping, with work underway to improve access to care and patient flow in the public health system. As we work to deliver improvements, we will share performance information with the community, including how quickly we are able to arrive at ambulance call outs, and the time it takes to transfer the patient to the care of the Emergency Department (ED).

We are committed to ensuring ambulances arrive within 8 minutes during priority 1 (emergency) calls in the metropolitan area or a maximum of 16 minutes in priority 2 (urgent) situations.

Our metropolitan public hospitals aim to receive care of all patients within 30 minutes of ambulance arrival at the ED. If it takes longer than 30 minutes, this is referred to as delayed transfer of care, also known as ramping.

The data is available for all metropolitan Emergency Departments.

SA Health is working on strategies to improve these outcomes for the community.