Admitted Patient Sub-acute Care

Sub-acute care is specialised multidisciplinary care in which the primary need for care is optimisation of the patient’s functioning and quality of life. A person’s functioning may relate to their whole body or a body part, the whole person, or the whole person in a social context, and to impairment of a body function or structure, activity limitation and/or participation restriction.

It includes rehabilitation, palliative, geriatric evaluation and management and psychogeriatric care types.

The sub-acute dataset was introduced primarily to support South Australia’s obligations regarding the national reform agenda on Activity Based Funding and contains data elements required (in addition to those supplied to the Admitted Patient Care data domain) to understand the patient’s functioning and quality of life.

Sub-acute records need to be linked to an Admitted Patient Care record.

NOTE: sub-acute care requires additional information to be collected – refer to the Admitted sub-acute section. Non-acute (maintenance care) data requirements have been incorporated into the Admitted Patient Care data domain.