This page provides resources for our staff and researchers, who are looking to update their skill set, submit an application, gain GCP certification and understand the National Statement.

National Statement Training guide: This document provides an overview of the National Statement and the content of each chapter, to help you navigate through the National Statement when writing your application. You can test your knowledge at the end with a quiz.

A-CTEC Australia: A not-for-profit, Australia wide, member-based education platform, hosting a suite of evidence- based, interactive clinical trials education opportunities suitable for a range of learning needs. A free GCP course is also available.

Good Clinical Practice: This course is designed to prepare researchers for the conduct of clinical trial with human participants. The course is self-paced and takes approximately 2-4 hours. You will need to register to create a student account to enrol for the course. You will receive a GRS GCP course certificate once completed.

Global Health Training Centre - eLearning courses - This online resource provides short courses of approximately 30 minutes each, in research processes and method, plus much more. On successful completion of each course, you will receive a certificate.

NHMRC Clinical Trials toolkit - contains useful information and resources for conducting a clinical trial in Australia.

Research Ethics Essentials - this is a guide to provide information on what research ethics is, what type of application to submit, tips on a successful application, how to submit and what is required once ethics approval is obtained.

Research Governance Essentials - this is a guide to provide information on governance applications and what is required for a successful submission.

Student placements - the SALHN Office for Research also offer a placement within our office to students and staff. The placement can provide an interesting and challenging learning opportunity for those who want to delve a bit deeper into ethics and governance. Please contact the Office for Research if you are interested or would like more information.