This page provides resources for our staff and researchers, who are looking to involve consumers in design and evaluation of grant or research proposals.

Consumers are people who have personal experience with a particular health issue. This may be through their own health care journey and interaction with health care services. They may have a friend or family member who is ill, or they may be a carer for someone who is has health issues.

Consumers play a vital role not only in research, but in advocating for people who may not always have their voice heard.

Consumer engagement in research is vital, as it will strengthen the research design and how it is conducted. Health care professionals and researchers have the expert knowledge about treatment and services, but they do not have the lived experience. By involving consumers in the research design and conduct, it can be tailored to suit and support the participants and produce high quality research.

There a many ways consumers assist researchers, but for research the main points are:

  • Design of the research, so it is appropriate for the participants
  • Identification of research priorities
  • Design of research tools
  • Design of interviews and questions to be asked
  • Dissemination of results

Below are resources and contacts to assist you in engaging consumers in your research.


Consumer groups