What matters to you? Goals of Care at SALHN

At SALHN, our aim is to have patients (families and carers) and clinicians working together to co-design their goals of care.

We want to ask, ‘What matters to you?’ and for you to feel comfortable to share ‘What matters to you?’ with us.

This practice will ensure person centred and high-quality care continues to be delivered for and in partnership with all members of the southern community, for both now and into the future.

We want to develop a shared understanding of:
• Your goals for their health care in the short-, medium- and long-term
• Your clinical situation, including diagnosis, treatment options and clinical goals
• Your values, needs and preferences about health and care
• Your expectations about the care episode and treatment outcomes.

Why share 'what matters to you' with us?

Research shows that meaningful connections between clinicians and patients lead to more inclusive health care decisions, care strategies, personalised communication, and trust.

This contributes to better care outcomes for you.

Sharing what matters to you with your health care team will empower you to be involved in your care journey.

Template for patients and carers

My Goals Planner – Printable template for patients and carers to record goals.
The purpose of this tool is to aid patients and carers in their healthcare journey. It includes a set of questions that encourage patients to contemplate their priorities, which can help guide their discussions with healthcare team. This tool serves as a personal record that patients and carers can maintain, and bring with them to any clinical environment.

Tools for partnering with patients and carers

‘What matters to you?’ Printable trifold brochure
This brochure is a beneficial resource for both patients/carers and clinicians, serving as a useful tool to facilitate "What matters to you?" discussions.

‘What matters to you?’ Printable trifold brochure – Aboriginal Culture focused
This brochure serves as a valuable resource for both clinicians and patients/carers, providing useful assistance for conducting "What matters to you?" discussions specifically with Aboriginal patients and their carers. It was developed in collaboration with the Karpa Ngarrattendi Aboriginal Liaison Unit.

Guide to 'What matters to you?' printable brochure conversations
This resource is designed to provide you with some handy tips to start the ‘What matters to you? conversation.