Media and communications at SALHN

The Media and Communications team provides our community with information about the latest in medical research, hospital services and activities, and important health information for the public.

They are also responsible for social media for the Network.

Media enquiries

The SA Health Media Line is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the Media Unit – (08) 8226 6488.

The email address is, however please call the Media Line in first instance, as this inbox is not always monitored.

The Media Unit coordinates responses to media enquiries for SA Health, including the Department for Health and Ageing and the five Local Health Networks. It provides staff involved in proactive media opportunities with advice, support and training.

Contact us

SALHN communication support

Telephone: (08) 8204 4949

Postal address

Media and Communications
Flinders Medical Centre
Bedford Park
South Australia 5042

Information for the media

Patient confidentiality

The Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) respects patient privacy and all staff members are required to maintain patient confidentiality. Patient information can only be released if consent has been given by the patient (or family representative) as per the SA Health Care Act 2008 - Section 93 (confidentiality and disclosure of information) and the SA Mental Health Act 2009 - Section 106 (confidentiality and disclosure of information)

Media access to the hospital

The media can enter the hospital once they receive permission from the Media Unit (or the after-hours nursing coordinator if permission is sought after business hours). One of the media staff can provide further direction or escort people to relevant areas.


Filming ambulance arrivals, helicopter retrieval and patient transfers to the Emergency Department is appropriate when the following requirements are followed:

The patient is our priority. The media is asked to:

  • not obstruct access or enter the Emergency Department
  • not interfere with patient care
  • respect patient privacy. Do not film close-up shots of patients’ faces or their family.
  • use the car park roof. Media cars that are parked on the emergency deck may interfere with patient and ambulance activities.
  • not interfere with retrieval. The media is restricted from accessing the helipad; this includes individuals and also media helicopters.