FUNLHN Community Network

Are you interested in finding out what is happening with your health service and having a say on local health issues?

The FUNLHN Community Network is a way for our local community to become involved in our local and regional health services. The FUNLHN Community Network includes a register of interested community members/groups who are involved in various ways including:

  • receiving information about what is happening with our health services
  • providing input and having your say through surveys and other feedback mechanisms
  • attending workshops, focus groups, and forums 
  • becoming a member of health governance committees, service planning groups, or similar.

Our Community Network members/groups provide us with important consumer views into new ideas, project, or developments that impact the care we provide to you and the local community.

Groups include agencies, Government or Non-Government Organisations, community groups, and committees.

How do I become involved?

To become involved, just complete the FUNLHN Community Network Registration Form (PDF 506KB)  and return it to

Once you have registered, there are many ways in which you can be involved, and you can let us know the level of involvement by ticking the relevant boxes in the FUNLHN Community Network Registration Form (PDF 506 KB).

We will also send your regular newsletters and updates, depending on the level of involvement you have chosen. We may also ask for your feedback and invite you to forums to provide feedback relating to our governance structures.

For more information about the FUNLHN Community Network, you can contact Carmel on
0481 060 996.