Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network strategic documents

BHFLHN Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan 2024  2025

The BHFLHN Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) May 2024 – December 2025 (PDF 14MB) signifies our commitment to be deliberate and intentional in our efforts to foster positive change and strengthen the bonds of reconciliation between our local health network and First Nations peoples, and is an important step in realising our organisation’s strategic purpose of “delivering excellent healthcare that improves the health and wellbeing of our communities”.

BHFLHN recognises reconciliation as fundamental to the health and wellbeing of First Nations people, particularly in relation to dismantling the barriers to service access and ensuring that First Nations people feel safe, respected and welcome when visiting our healthcare facilities.

BHFLHN Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025

Following our Strategic Intent 2020-2021, the BHFLHN Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 (PDF 1MB) will guide our planning over the coming four years, leading us to realise our vision of being acclaimed as a leading local health network, demonstrating courage in being innovative and creative as we continue to strive for excellence.

The Strategic Plan has been developed after an extensive engagement process involving our community, staff, clinicians, and a range of other stakeholders and partner organisations.

We engaged in this way not because we had to, but because we wanted to. We wanted to hear about what is most important about the health care and services that we provide, and to understand what our communities want for the future of our local health network.

It our aspiration that this Plan provides the foundation for us to build on our strengths and see that our organisational values of trust, respect, integrity, collaboration and kindness are central to our planning, decision-making and culture.

BHFLHN Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy 2022 – 2025

The journey of the BHFLHN Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy 2022 – 2025 (PDF 8MB) has been, and will continue to be, one of listening, learning and discovery to ensure that we walk together to enhance the health and wellbeing outcomes for those that live in our communities. BHFLHN is committed to supporting and enhancing a culture where consumer and community engagement is at the heart of everything we do.

This strategy speaks to people from all backgrounds but particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and it replaces the former Country Health SA Aboriginal Community and Consumer Engagement Strategy. As such, Yarning Circles played a key role its development of this Strategy, which also resulted in a beautiful piece of artwork, entitled Ngallugu Wambaba Yunggu which is Narungga language for “walk as one and share our experiences”. 

BHFLHN Aboriginal Health Strategy 2022 - 2032

The BHFLHN Aboriginal Health Strategy 2022 - 2032 is a map for our journey to walk alongside Aboriginal communities as they determine their own health and wellbeing. We know we have a great responsibility to provide high quality services that are culturally aware, safe, and responsive in partnership with Aboriginal peoples.

This Strategy was developed through many conversations with community through Aboriginal Yarning Circles and Nunga Lunches where unique local stories were told, and priorities shared. We also learnt from consultations with staff across BHFLHN about what they see as the priorities for our staff and services, and in particular sub-regions and service areas.

We have learnt so much from all stakeholders and know it is now time to act. View our summary document to see a snapshot of our seven strategic priorities.