South Australian Population Health Survey

The South Australian Population Health Survey (SAPHS) is a state-wide population health survey, which aims to monitor the health of all South Australians. Data is collected every month and anyone with access to a phone can participate in the survey. In one year, around 7,000 South Australians are interviewed about their health and wellbeing. You cannot be identified by the data that is collected.


The SAPHS aims to:

  • provide high quality, representative data on the health of the South Australian population
  • identify sub-groups of the community who experience less than satisfactory health outcomes
  • identify emerging health issues
  • measure trends over time for key health indicators
  • monitor and evaluate population health policy, programs and initiatives
  • share findings with relevant professionals, researchers and policy makers within SA Health, Local Health Networks and the wider community
  • address State and Commonwealth indicators and targets
  • be an ongoing source of data for key reports including the Chief Public Health Officer’s Report and the South Australian Public Health Indicator Framework.

Survey participants

If you have been randomly selected to participate in the survey, you can read the South Australian Population Health Survey Fact Sheet (PDF 191KB). McNair yellowSquares is the company responsible for conducting interviews.