Research evidence into policy, planning and practice

SA Health is committed to enhancing the capacity of the health system by using high quality research evidence to support informed decision making for policy, planning and clinical practice.

Using evidence effectively will result in:

  • High quality and safe clinical care
  • Better targeting of health services to those in greatest need
  • Improved understanding of the health and wellbeing of South Australians
  • Provision of cost effective services whilst ensuring health outcomes are maintained
  • Increasing the uptake of high-quality research by decision makers across the system at policy, planning and practice
  • Enabling the health system to use research as part of change management across policy, planning and practice
  • Increasing the capacity of health system staff to read, interpret, critically analyse and use research evidence in their work
  • Enhancing awareness of and access to state, national and international research evidence to inform policy, planning and practice across the health system
  • Strengthening relationships among the component entities of SA Health to enable information and knowledge exchange around research and policy issues and to facilitate a coordinated response to the South Australia’s Strategic Plan (health targets)