South Australian Health Industry Mission Statement

The South Australian Health Industry Mission Statement was launched by the Minister for Health on 9 December 2010.

The Mission Statement aims to:

  • establish the basis for developing closer relationships across the health industry
  • provide better understanding across the health industry of the specific issues facing the industry
  • establish an effective framework for constructive communication and fulfilment of outcomes through appropriate forums to improve the quality of health care for all South Australians, and 
  • provide a common platform whereby all parties are provided with equal opportunity to participate and contribute to issues regarding developments in health sector planning, coordination and implementation; working cooperatively for all South Australians.

SA's Health Care Plan

South Australia’s Health Care Plan 2007-2016 outlines a strategy for the realignment of some clinical services, the development of a workforce plan to address future workforce shortages and investment in information systems and capital infrastructure. The plan also identifies the need for the public and private sectors to work more closely together.

SA Health's commitment

SA Health has a commitment to work cooperatively with all agencies involved directly or indirectly in the provision of health services, including the private sector and the community.  A primary feature of the success of the transformation of our health system will be a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors with key focus on best practice in the delivery of health services. 

Role of the health industry stakeholders

Essentially, the role of health industry stakeholders will be to facilitate and participate in effective and suitable means of consultation which uphold the commitments outlined in the South Australian Health Industry Mission Statement.