University of South Australia and Health in All Policies

PHPA 2015-2018: Improving community health & wellbeing through the establishment of the University of South Australia as a Public Health Partner Authority.

The University of South Australia was first Gazetted as a Public Health Partner Authority in 2015. This first Agreement was specific to the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, and aimed to provide an opportunity to improve the wellbeing of older people, working collaboratively to increase action on social and economic opportunities for older people across South Australia. The partnership also explored opportunities to support current and existing research prospects around resilient and inclusive communities. Key outcomes included an increased understanding of the solutions and strategies that enable high levels of engagement and participation in all aspects of social, cultural, and economic life by older South Australians.

A key product of this partnership was the Rural Ageing and Rural Suicide Prevention research project. This work focused on ageing male farmers, recognised as a vulnerable group in the South Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2012-2016.

The aim of the research was to identify needs and local strategies for rural suicide prevention for older farmers through consultation with key community based stakeholders. Key objectives included:

  • What suicide prevention strategies for older farmers are being implemented in rural South Australia
  • Current areas of strength in terms of preventing suicide of older farmers
  • The needs of older farmers for suicide prevention and conditions underpinning distress for this population (e.g. succession planning, retirement, transition off the farm)
  • Strategies that could be implemented to enhance suicide prevention for older farmers.

For further information please read the Final Report – Suicide and its Prevention for Ageing Farmers (PDF 885KB).

PHPA 2019-2024: Identify and pursue research, policies, strategies and actions to facilitate improved community health and wellbeing outcomes. 

In 2019 the Public Health Partner Authority Agreement was renewed, with the partnership expanding from the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, to all Divisions of the University of South Australia, broadening the opportunities for collaboration.

Utilising a co-design and co-benefits approach, both parties will work together to undertake joint research projects, co-author research papers, identify opportunities to incorporate a stronger focus on the social determinants of health and population health knowledge in the curriculum of UniSA nursing and allied health courses, and provide support for Aboriginal students and researchers through practice-based work opportunities.

Key areas of mutual interest include housing and the built environment, the social determinants of health, child wellbeing, future workforce knowledge and skill requirements, and mental health and wellbeing.

A high-level strategic steering group will be established comprised of the Deans of Research from each UniSA Division and representatives from Wellbeing SA and DHW.