The Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (DPTI)

Planning plays a critical role in determining how individuals and populations interact with their environment. Neighbourhoods that create destinations, facilitate active transport, provide safe and thriving public places for recreation and social interaction – including quality green open spaces, and are close to employment, services and amenities, are important in shaping population health and wellbeing.

This partnership will provide opportunities for planning and health to work in collaboration, and support the consideration of health and wellbeing in the implementation of the Planning Reform package and the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. Ultimately, getting the parameters of the planning system right will benefit both state and local government agendas, and contribute to the creation of thriving, vibrant, sustainable and healthy communities.

As part of the Public Health Partner Authority agreement, research to determine what constitutes ‘quality’ in relation to the provision of public open space from a health and wellbeing and environmental perspective is currently being undertaken. The research recognises that as the delivery of urban infill takes shape, the provision of quality green public open space will become an increasingly important consideration. The provision of quality open space is an important feature for the creation of healthy neighbourhoods. Quality green public open space supports people to be active, strengthens contact with nature, and provides places to relax and interact with family and friends.