Kidsafe SA

Supporting the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries and death in our community

Unintentional child injuries are an important public health issue, and many are preventable. Prevention is critical – relationships, learning and play, developmental capacity, and transitioning from educational settings to the workforce later in life can all be impacted by the lasting effects of certain childhood injuries. In addition, the cost to the health system for injuries which can often be prevented adds pressure to health resources. This demonstrates the need for evidence-based prevention strategies and supporting policies to keep children safe, out of hospital, and ensure they grow and thrive without injuries.

The partnership expresses the commitment of Kidsafe SA and the Department for Health and Wellbeing to work collaboratively to support and address child safety and injury prevention to improve the health and wellbeing of children and their families. Key areas of mutual interest for the partnership work focuses on: supporting child injury prevention, data surveillance and research, capacity building and public education.