Alcohol and Drug Foundation

As one of the principal evidence-based, preventive health organisations in the alcohol and other drug sector, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation are recognised in the community as a leader in terms of fostering a healthier drinking culture and in helping build prevention strategies around illicit and legal drugs.

Each year in Australia, 5,500 people die from alcohol related injuries, illness and accidents; 157,000 people are hospitalised due to alcohol; and more people die from drug overdoses—including from pharmaceuticals—than die on the roads. The cost to the community from alcohol-related harm is estimated to exceed $15.3 billion. For illegal drugs it exceeds $8.2 billion. All of these are preventable.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation works in partnership with others to support and create evidence-based policies and practice that prevent and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. ADF co-design evidence-based programs with communities and support them to build capacity to create change.

This Public Health Partner Authority agreement formally establishes the commitment of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to participate in public health planning undertaken by the State Government as well as by relevant Local Councils. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation will continue its strong commitment to the area of Public Health through its ongoing partnership with SA Health, local governments and other key stakeholders across metropolitan and regional South Australia.