Governance of Health in All Policies for SA Health

HiAP Unit

Formal endorsement of Health in All Policies (HiAP) by SA Health was an important factor in the development and implementation of HiAP in South Australia.

SA Health supported Professor Kickbusch’s HiAP recommendations and established a small HiAP Unit within SA Health.

The HiAP Unit supports the central governance structures in partnership with Department of Premier and Cabinet, and applies the health lens to agreed South Australia's Strategic Plan targets alongside other government departments.

SA Health HiAP Internal Coordinating Group

SA Health has established a high-level governance structure to support the HiAP Unit and prioritise access to the technical resources required.

SA Health has committed staff and financial resources to support the development of HiAP in particular, the technical expertise to support other government agencies in applying HiAP to their targets.