90 Day Projects

The Health in All Policies approach in South Australia has evolved over time and now utilises a range of methodologies as appropriate to the needs, time and resources available for each project.

Change@SouthAustralia (Change@SA) 90 Day Projects have been used as part of the current Health in All Policies approach. 90 Day Projects have been particularly useful in tackling highly political and complex cross agency issues where a focused period of collaboration to synthesise recommendations for action has been required. These areas have been our work on:

Change@SA was launched by the Premier in November 2012 as the Public Sector Renewal Program and is the Government’s flagship reform program. Change@SA 90 Day Projects are designed to empower public sector workers to develop productive relationships across agencies as well as with the community and business. At the beginning of each 90 Day Project, clear deliverables are specified along with benefits expected to be achieved during the 90 days, with other aspects of implementation continuing after the end of the 90 days. Project teams are composed of agency employees and supported by change management consultants from the Office for the Public Sector.