Improving Safety and Quality - SA Health Awards 2018

Winner  Northgate House

Statewide Older Persons’ Mental Health Service, NALHN

Northgate House provides specialist extended care to older people with clinical needs resulting from severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia and/or mental illness. It is a statewide service commissioned with the closure of the Oakden Campus. Emerging from a period of intense and highly public service reform, Northgate House is an exemplar of new directions and standards in care for older people with complex needs and their families.

Finalist  NSQHS Standards – SAAS Accreditation

Clinical Performance and Patient Safety, SAAS

In January 2018 SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) was awarded accreditation in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS Standards) and, by doing so, became the first Australian ambulance service to achieve this national safety and quality recognition, sending a clear and powerful message to the community and ambulance sector that SAAS is committed to safe, quality patient care. The project steering this success implemented over 130 quality improvements.

Finalist  Angiography Radiation Dose Reduction Project

SA Medical Imaging, CALHN / SALHN

FMC Medical Imaging conducted research into minimum radiation dosage required to produce high quality images for Angiography procedures - this resulted in 90% reduction in radiation dose per patient:

  • ERCP dose levels reduced from 705 to 97 units (86% reduction)
  • Fistulograms 740 to 55 units (93%)
  • PICC 38 to 3 units (92%)
  • Interventional angiography procedures – 10s of 1000s to single 1000s (90%)

This has now been adopted across other SAMI sites.