Port Lincoln Health Service

Contact details

Port Lincoln Hospital

For all emergencies phone 000

Postal address: PO Box 630 Port Lincoln SA 5606

Email: HealthCHSAPtLincolnSwitchboard@sa.gov.au

Port Lincoln Hospital and Health Service is run by the Eyre and Far North Local Health Network.

Port Lincoln Hospital is the largest hospital in the Eyre and Far North, with 48 beds, and provides a range of services including Emergency, obstetrics/maternity, surgical, general medicine, renal dialysis, medium level chemotherapy,  pharmacy, dental and Allied Health.

The hospital employs doctors who are available 24/7.

Imaging provider, Jones and Partners, provides medical imaging. 

Community Health services also operate from the hospital site, under the banner of Community Health Connect, providing an extensive range of services to the community.

There is also a community-based Mental Health service on the hospital site.

Accident and Emergency

The Accident and Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day.

When you arrive at the Port Lincoln Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, you will be seen by the Accident and Emergency Nurse who will collect information and assess your illness or injury.

Depending on your illness or injury, the nurse may liaise with the doctor who is providing Accident & Emergencies services for that day.

SA Ambulance can also be contacted in an emergency. They will respond to your call and can provide first aid advice over the phone. They are often the best way to get to the Accident and Emergency Department.

The cost for this emergency service is according to health insurance status.

Private Patients

At the Port Lincoln Hospital you can choose to be admitted as a Private Patient. Admission as a private patient has benefits for both you and the hospital. For more information please visit attending hospital as a private patient

Visiting Hours

General wards: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Maternity ward: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Any visitors who are required to be in the hospital building outside these hours will need to register at the admissions desk and receive an identity badge.

Car Parking

General parking is available at Oxford Terrace (front) car park and the car park located off accident and emergency lane.

There is additional parking available at the rear of the hospital for visiting specialist car parking.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is located at either the front entrance or the accident and emergency entrance.

To book or for more information, please phone Jones and Partners on (08) 8600 9580.

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Your feedback might be a compliment, a complaint, or a suggestion. Whatever it is, your feedback is important, and we are listening.

You can share your feedback by email Health.EFNConsumerFeedback@sa.gov.au or by calling us on 0401 772 141.

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