Services at the Ceduna District Health Services

The following services are available:

Accident and emergency

A registered nurse offers assessment and treatment and a doctor is available on call.

Allied health services

We provide physiotherapy, podiatry and diabetes education.

Dialysis services

We provide uncomplicated renal haemodialysis services.

Dental practice

Telephone: (08) 8626 2134

We provide both public and private dental services to residents.

Medical practice and GP Plus

Telephone: (08) 8626 2160

We provide GP and nursing services.

Maternity and obstetrics

A shared care arrangement with GPs and community midwives assists women with care and treatment before, during and after childbirth.

Medical and surgical hospital services

The service provides an accident and emergency department, obstetrics and home-based renal dialysis.

Residential aged care

Telephone: (08) 8626 2170
Address: 3 O’Loughlin Terrace Ceduna South Australia

There are 10 beds for people with a high level of needs at the hospital and 29 beds for people with low level of needs for care at the Far West Senior Citizens Lodge.

Community health services

Telephone: (08) 8626 2110

Primary care, allied health services and community nursing are available.

Home and community care services

Telephone: (08) 8626 2127

Home-based aged care services are available.

Adult activity centre

Telephone: (08) 8626 2150

Aged and adult diversional therapy are available.