Regional Public Health planning and implementation

The Local Government Relations and Policy Team are working with the SA Health funded Local Government Association (LGA) Public Health Program and also directly with Local Councils to build the public health planning system.

This occurs through:

  • direct liaison, support and information to Councils and planning clusters
  • the development of support resources
  • the analysis of plans to identify common areas of action
  • capacity building activities including workshops and training
  • Public health awareness

Regional Public Health Plans (RPHPs)

Section 51 of the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, requires Local Councils to prepare and maintain a RPHP that is consistent with the State Public Health Plan and responds to the public health challenges within the local area or region.

All 68 Councils across South Australia have developed RPHPs. In the first phase of public health planning in South Australia, 20 Councils have chosen to plan alone and 48 Councils have chosen to plan regionally (ranging from groups of 2 to 8 Councils). There are a total of 31 RPHPs for this cycle (12 metropolitan and 19 regional plans).

In developing their RPHPs, Councils:

  • assessed the state of public health in their region
  • identified existing and potential public health risks
  • identified opportunities and strategies for promoting public health

The Act recognises the shared responsibilities for Public Health, across State and Local Government but also other agencies and Non-Government Organisations in a partnership approach. Councils are at various stages of implementation of these Regional Public Health Plans in partnership with stakeholders.

Section 52 Reports

Section 52 Reports on the implementation of Regional Public Health Plans (RPHP) by councils are a requirement of the South Australian Public Health Act (2011). They build the picture of councils’ achievements and key issues in RPHP implementation and create greater visibility of public health effort through the Chief Public Health Officer’s biennial report which reports on the broader collective effort of implementing the State Public Health Plan.

Section 52 Reports for the reporting period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2018 are due to the Chief Public Health Officer on or before September 30, 2018.

Further information

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