How to prepare for hot weather

To reduce your chances of becoming affected by the heat and unwell during very hot weather:

  • Check your fans and air-conditioners to make sure they are working, and that filters, pads and air vents are clean.
  • Check the weather forecast so you know when hot weather is coming.
  • Avoid going out in the heat.
  • Drink plenty of water and always take water with you if you do go out. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can lead to dehydration.
  • Keep curtains, blinds and windows closed during the day to keep your home cool.
  • Cool off with a cold shower or bath.
  • Never leave children or pets in a parked car.
  • Avoid taking babies or young children out in the hottest part of the day.
  • If you exercise outside, do it early in the day or late in the evening when the temperature is cooler and try to stay in the shade.
  • A trip to an air-conditioned public space, like the local library, cinema or shopping centre, may help you keep cool and give you some relief from hot weather.
  • If possible, bring pets inside when the weather is hot. If they cannot be indoors, make sure they have plenty of water, shelter and shade. Pets in cages, like birds, rabbits and guinea pigs, need to be kept indoors or in shade at all times on extremely hot days.

Do you depend on power?

If you or someone you care for relies on power for critical care medical equipment at home or critical pharmacy-dispensed medication, speak to your doctor, pharmacist or carer about developing an emergency management plan.

For more information visit Power dependency.

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