Take Notice

TakeNotice Header 5 ways to wellbeing

Find a moment to take in the beauty of nature.

Lynette, a Kaurna Country Elder, always takes time to meditate and take notice of what is around her. Taking notice and slowing down helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Learn to enjoy each moment. Take in the beauty of the natural world around you. Look out for the colours of the trees changing with the seasons, or listen for birds singing early in the morning. Maybe try a few of these suggestions:

  • Take notice of the night sky.
  • Listen to the morning birdsong.
  • Explore your garden or a park and notice the different plants and insects.
  • Take a camera on a bush walk and photograph the natural environment; take the time to really notice the colours and textures of what you are photographing.
  • Look out for nature in unexpected places.
  • Practice being mindful in nature - breathe in slowly, feel the breeze, take in the sounds, open your eyes slowly and enjoy the view.
  • Take some time to visit and enjoy some of SA’s beautiful waterfalls.
  • Try forest bathing.
  • The winter months are a great time to take notice of some of our incredible wildlife – it’s whale watching season and the best time of year to swim with giant cuttlefish.