Bikes Palya Healthy Lifestyle Program

SA Healthy Towns 2018-19 - Bikes Palya Healthy Lifestyle Program
Photo courtesy of Bicycle SA

Applying organisation:

Fregon Anangu School, APY Lands

Towns/communities where project is situated:

APY Lands communities: Fregon, Indulkana, Mimili, Ernabella, Kenmore Park, Amata, Pipalyatjara and Murputja

Grant purpose:

To engage children and young people in physical activity and healthy eating activities across the APY Lands schools and communities.  

Target population:

APY Lands school communities, with a focus on children aged 5-19 years enrolled in schools.

External partner and their role:

Bicycle SA: Bicycle SA will visit the APY Lands and work closely with eight community schools to deliver the Bikes Palya program, based on cycling activities to promote physical activity.  

Project overview:

The project centres on visits by Bicycle SA with their Bikes Palya program, targeting children and young people in the very remote APY Lands communities.  Bikes Palya will visit eight community schools to provide activities promoting physical activity, with a focus on cycling and healthy eating. 

Activities will promote cycling to children and young people through developing bike track facilities, establishing a ‘BMX club’ where bikes can be stored and accessed regularly, intergenerational community mechanics workshops to service the bikes, and school events including an inter-community sports carnival.  Healthy eating will be promoted through school resources, competitions and events.

 A long term aim of the project is to address the risk factors of poor eating and lack of physical activity which contribute to obesity and diabetes in the community and to improve school attendance and community cohesiveness.

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